The City and County of San Francisco passed a new law back on January 18, 2021 with a multi-phased implementation.

The first phase as you may recall was the annual direct invoicing of rent board fees paid directly to the SF Rent Board beginning last March instead of historically through the property tax bills.

This March is the second phase of the law requiring ALL residential property owners to provide certain information to the Rent Board about their property each year. Multiple mailers have been distributed by the City to the address where you receive your property tax bill reminding you of this new reporting requirement. Failure to report the required information will make issuing any future rental increases illegal, null, void and unenforceable under the law.

As your trusted real estate professional, we highly suggest and will plan to do this on your behalf together with paying the rent board fee.

This allows us to ensure:

  1. Your property’s compliance to the new law
  2. That all requirements are submitted to the rent board promptly
  3. No delays or illegal issuance of rental increases and lease renewals

For more information, https://sf.gov/information/rent-board-housing-inventory-frequently-asked-questions-faq